In any Data Center setup, electrical components such as main switchboard (MSB), UPS Output Distribution Board, power cabling and busduct system are among the most important and crucial elements that require thorough thoughts and considerations for their proper technical design, implementation, supervision works and safety concern. A simple miscalculation of breaker size, cable size, earth leakage setting can cause havoc with intermittent power tripping or breaker malfunction. For these reason, GreenBay is very stringent in selecting design engineer and also the switchboard manufacturer. Besides, the design will be reviewed by design and solution team before verified by management and certified by recognized Data Center consultant.

Our technical approach always refer to TIA or Uptime institute guideline to maintain the highest availability, maintainability and safety by avoiding any triggering of downtime. Hence, our proposal to client is always fully type test electrical switchboard with recognized components to provide highest uptime possible.

GreenBay also making sure that the switchboard manufacturer is fully complied with ISO and also ASTA standard. There will be factory testing where we invite client to witness some of the important tests such as short circuit, pressure test, insulation test and tripping test.

When Installation is completed, the burn-in test will be conducted for at least 72 hours with the UPS and CRAC running before connecting to actual loads.