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GreenBay CES | Critical Environment Solution Malaysia

Professional care, safe operation, optimum performance

Professional care and maintenance are important to keep your equipment at their optimal condition. Keeping your investment to bring back their intended return and perform to their designed standard.


We work in partnership with our clients. Our approach is one of stakeholder inclusion and we believe that only by understanding the needs and requirements of all interested parties, can we ensure that the end result meets expectations.


We believe in innovation to deliver a more resilient, efficient and cost-effective solution. Our commitment to vendor neutrality allows us to have your best interest at heart when we innovate.


We want you to be proud of our collaboration, and strive to deliver excellence in quality from design, build and all the way through to post implementation maintenance.

Critical facilities require attentive care, professionally.

Critical Facility Management

Equipment inside data centers should be operated carefully by trained personnel, a breakdown to your critical facility may bring disastrous consequences to business operation and financial losses. We offer warranty management and 24 x 7 support with quick onsite response to ensure prompt recovery upon breakdown.

In critical facilities as their name implies are critical to the business operation but rarely the core activity of your business. Led by a facilities management team with global data center operations experience, we have 24×7 round the clock technical capability to oversee critical facilities management because that is our core business. We can collaborate to soothe your challenges in the 12 key operation areas in critical facilities.

• Infrastructure Management
• Quality Management
• Energy Management
• Financial Management
• Performance Monitoring
• Emergency Preparedness and Response
• Environmental Health & Safety
• Personnel Management
• Maintenance Management
• Change Management
• Documentation
• Training

Equipment Renewal

Equipment now is full of electronic components and will inevitably age due to temperature, operating stress, quality of components, corrosion, and environment. We can help you to recover their efficiency and extend their useful life.

UPS Rental & Lease

Meeting your short term needs for uninterruptible power to your critical equipment with prompt deployment. We have flexible rental solution that suits your capacity and time frame.

UPS Battery Replacement

If your UPS is relatively new but due for battery replacement, you could consider the new lithium ion battery technology. Boasting 2 to 3 times useful life compared to their seal lead acid counterpart, it could lower your total cost of ownership. Contact us for a quick assessment!

Local Professional Maintenance

Scheduled preventive maintenance can provide insights for predictive actions. We provide support to critical infrastructures (like Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Precision Air Conditioner (PAC), Electrical System, and Fire Suppression Systems) for testing, measuring, analyzing, fine-tuning, cleaning and parts replacement to prevent faults and extend the equipment operation lifespan.

Other Services

Pick and choose from and customize the service level that suits your particular needs.

  • Thermal Scanning & Heat Mapping
  • Measurement Tools Sales, Calibration and Repair Service
  • Customized Containment Solution
  • Nationwide 24 x 7 x 365 Support
  • Data Center Cleaning
  • Room Integrity Test

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