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Sustainable Procurement Policy

GREENBAY CES SDN BHD a company that undertakes “Design, Build, Commissioning & Maintenance of Data Center & Critical Environment Infrastructure”.


At Greenbay CES Sdn Bhd, we commit ourselves to ensure that we not only design and build green and safe Data Centers for our clients, but also practice green and sustainable practices in all our operations to reduce our company’s impact on the environment. This also in relation to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors within our supply chain.


We are taking positive steps towards greater achievement in creating a more sustainable and green future. To infuse sustainability into every step of our activities and ensuring that our procurement practices are conducted in a sustainable manner.

1. To source products & services that are environmentally and socially responsible.
2. To maintain unwavering ethical standards while also yielding sound financial outcomes.

This includes: –
1. Partnerships for Sustainable Growth
2. Supporting the Local Economy
3. Environmental Responsibility
4. Social Accountability

Partnerships for Sustainable Growth
We prioritize sustainable partnerships with all members of our supply chain, including principles, suppliers, vendors, contractors, and others. These relationships are built on ethical business practices, mutual learning, and a commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, while adhering to local legal standards.

Supporting the Local Economy
We will prioritize local supply chain partners and locally sourced materials whenever possible and practical. This initiative aims to stimulate economic growth and generate employment opportunities in the regions where we operate.

Environmental Responsibility
We prioritize eco-friendly alternatives, favoring products and services that minimize environmental impact while remaining practical and financially viable.

Social Accountability
At GreenBay, we prioritize human rights, good labor practices, and compliance with local laws. We expect dignity for employees, reject forced or child labor, and ensure robust health and safety measures. We support collective bargaining, freedom of association, and a discrimination-free workplace.

Measurement of Supplier Performance
We will periodically assess supply chain partners’ performance, including sustainability practices, products and service quality, adherence to procurement criteria, compliance with rules and regulations, ethics, and financial health. Opportunities for improvement will be communicated respectfully and discussed with the relevant partners.

This information is available to all our supply chain partners, employees, and the public.

OUR EXPECTATION “A Commitment to a GREEN and SAFE Environment”