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GreenBay CES | Critical Environment Solution Malaysia

Specific solution adapted to suit your needs

Your challenges excite us! It is through countless collaborations that we refined our solutions to suite unique design requirements. You can rest assure that the solution will be infused with our design philosophy.


We work in partnership with our clients. Our approach is one of stakeholder inclusion and we believe that only by understanding the needs and requirements of all interested parties, can we ensure that the end result meets expectations.


We believe in innovation to deliver a more resilient, efficient and cost-effective solution. Our commitment to vendor neutrality allows us to have your best interest at heart when we innovate.


We want you to be proud of our collaboration, and strive to deliver excellence in quality from design, build and all the way through to post implementation maintenance.

Tailored to fit your needs.

What we can do for you.

Design & Planning

Adapted to your demand, we take into account functionality, reliability, scalability and energy efficiency of your mission critical facilities from design. See your ideas visualized in technical drawings, translated into specifications and action plans.

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Green Data Center

Incorporate the guidelines from Green Building Index (GBI) Malaysia into your next data center now to build a fresher future.

The trend was started by internet giants looking to reduce their carbon footprint and manage the ever-rising energy cost. Many socially responsible corporations soon follow meanwhile helps to drive down the implementation cost. A green data center is built to have a minimal effect on the natural environment.

  • Built in environmental friendly facility.
  • Minimize power consumption for IT (e.g. network, storage, servers) and supporting (e.g. backup power, cooling, lighting) infrastructures.
  • Operate with renewable energy such as solar, wind or hydroelectric when possible.
  • Build on demand by employing modular concept to minimize wastage.
  • Choose recyclable or reusable equipment or material where possible.

Turnkey Project

Just turn the key and enter your critical facilities (like data center, electrical and mechanical plant room) ready to operate on your desired timeline. Leave the complexity in construction process to us while you focus on core business.

Project Management

You can leverage on our industry insights and network of partners to set proper expectations about what can be delivered, by when and for how much. Let us manage the deadlines and milestones among stakeholders for smooth project delivery. Central piece of the project to make sure that everyone is on the same page, moving towards the same direction and reaching their goals on time. You can count on our collaborative culture to:

  • Communicate locally – Speak the lingo of partners involve in the project
  • Report globally – Professional report and presentation to management
  • Negotiate and resolve – Mediate conflicts before they snowball

We can also provide more specialized management services like:

Commissioning Management
Interact and negotiate with clients on commissioning goals and guidelines. Assist and guide project staff in outlining commission responsibilities. Promote company standards by ensuring accuracy of systems results.
Safety Management
Developing and executing health and safety plans in the workplace according to legal guidelines. Establishing a culture of health and safety, while continuously evaluating practices, procedures and facilities to assess risk and adherence to the law.
Technical Compliance Management
Ensuring that design comply with the regulatory standards and best practices. Attending equipment acceptance test in factory or on site to ensure technical compliance to design specifications.

Data Center Certification & Compliance

TIA uptime-1

Be it for uptime Tier Certification of Design Documents (TCDD), Tier Certification of Constructed Facility (TCCF) or Telecommunications Industry Association ANSI/TIA-942-A Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers. We have qualified experts to walk with you from design to submission.

Data center certifications enable data center operators to keep up with the active development and dynamic trends in technology. With innovative technology disrupting the market, new laws, guidelines and best practices were developed to keep the safety and efficiency of the data center regulated. Get trusted advice or independent validation from our certified consultants to avoid costly design & implementation pitfalls. It will be more painful for you to amend the non-conformity once construction started.

  • Review of detailed design document
  • Report of major non-conformity
  • Onsite project discussions & explanation

  • Onsite audit & verification
  • Review & revision of design document
  • Submission of design document

Data Center Efficiency Audit

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. The key is knowing what to measure, where and how. In today’s data driven world, getting the right metric matters, let us crunch the numbers and present you with relatable information about your data center’s energy and cooling efficiency.

Renewable Energy Solution

Retrofit your existing facilities with renewable energy solutions and take charge of your carbon emission. Extending our capability in energy conversion and storage to help you champion your green initiatives.

Data Center Roadmap Consultancy

Technology is advancing at exponential speed! To further understand your data center, we can perform Current State Analysis and Gap Analysis, then draw up Mitigation Plan and Improvement Recommendations for further actions.

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