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Your Confident Choice

GreenBay CES | Critical Environment Solution Malaysia

Our Methods

Choosing the right partner is an important first step. We put ourselves in front of the certification boards to prove our competency, commitment and sincerity. You can also understand more about our policy here.

Consistent Quality Excellence

We have a documented framework for quality objectives, committed to meet stringent requirements and continuously improve.


At GreenBay CES, we focus on the following aspects:

 Customer Satisfaction
We shall always strive to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our customers and other interested parties.

Quality Assurance
We shall offer the highest quality solution and to always deliver within the timeline given.

Continuous Improvement
Each individual will give their highest commitment towards continually improving the quality system, solutions, products and services and meet ISO 9001 requirements.

We Believe in Keeping You Safe

Working in critical environment comes with inherent risks. We need to practice safety measures at work, on site and in design.


The Company recognizes Quality, Environment, Health and Safety as among the key elements to determine our leadership and sustainability in our business operations.

We are committed to continually improve our business operations in the aspects of:-

  • Achieving full compliance to applicable local legislations, company common platforms and other requirements
  • Effectiveness of our Integrated Management System
  • Meeting and exceeding customer’s requirements and satisfaction
  • Ensuring environmental responsibility and prevention of pollution
  • Ensuring health and safety of our employees, contractors and visitors who are on-site and the prevention of workplace incidents and ill-health

We shall establish and regularly review our Integrated Management System objective and targets, and in the process, carry out our business activities dutifully.

This policy shall be the guide for our employees in exercising their individual responsibility in all Quality, Environment, Health and Safety aspects of our business operations.

We shall continuously monitor, evaluate and review the relevance of our Integrated Management System to the Company’s business operations through a communication network with employees, customers, suppliers, contractors, legislative bodies and the public.

Code of Ethics

We serve you with respect, integrity and reliability. You can ask questions or raise concerns about ethics, compliance or misconduct. We treat all disclosures as sensitive information so that whistleblowers can report misdeed without the fear of retaliation.

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