Greenbay is vendor agnostic to provide you with a solution that is aligned to your objectives. You can take advantage of the technology that solves your primary challenge and we will help you with the other requirements to ensure seamless integration.

As a trusted critical power solution provider, our product ranges from 600VA up to 4MVA, with a wide variety of configurations to protect your mission critical equipment.

Collaborated with all major UPS manufacturer active in Malaysia market, we helped our clients to install:
• Single Phase UPS – Tower, Rackmount or Convertible
• Transformer Based UPS
• Monolithic Static UPS
• Modular UPS
• UPS with Parallel Redundancy
• UPS Bypass, Switchboard & Power Distribution Unit (PDU)
• Battery Monitoring System

Single phase UPS, commonly for PC & peripheral. The newer generation also powerful enough to support high performance rack level server, storage and network system.

Static UPS provides protection to your critical equipment from power quality disturbance and short-term power outage. With a wide range of capacity and parallel configuration to suit your design specifications.

Modular UPS is the advanced alternative to monolithic UPS. Hotswap power, battery and auxiliary module to support flexible adaptation of your demand. Their design also significantly reducing the mean time to repair from weeks and days to manageable hours and minutes.

Greenbay, committed to integrated power protection solution for your critical environment across industry verticals.