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Driven by the trend towards reducing carbon footprint and managing ever-rising energy costs, green data centers are now much cheaper to construct and implement.

Here’s how we help our clients build a new generation of green data centers which can boost their operating revenues and benefit the planet.

Step 1. Effective construction goals
Together with our client, we determine the construction scale, standards, site selection and phased planning. Important indicators such as usability, power density, and power usage effectiveness (PUE) need to be specified too. Guidelines from Green Building Index (GBI) Malaysia are incorporated.

Step 2. Suitable cooling schemes
Our aim is to bring the heat exchange media as close as possible to the IT equipment, thus improving heat transfer efficiency. We use cooling systems which fully utilize air, surface water, groundwater and other free sources of cooling. In areas with good air quality and humidity, cool air itself can be used directly as a free cooling source.

Step 3. Improve electrical efficiency via clean energy
We minimize the use of power consumption with suitable and reliable products and system architectures. Where possible, we would implement the use of clean and renewable energy such as solar, wind or hydroelectric.

Step 4: Optimize operations and management
We implement an effective routine maintenance help ensure that equipment continues to operate at its best. Data centers must constantly monitor and adjust their policies and parameters based on actual operations. Therefore once a data center is built, our specialists are sent to study, record and adjust operational data to achieve optimal energy consumption within 2 to 3 years.

The growth of cloud computing has set off a new wave of data center construction across the globe, which has resulted in an increase in electricity consumption and carbon emissions. As such, the construction of green energy-efficient data centers is not just a choice that enterprises themselves must make. It is a major social responsibility that enterprises and the industry as a whole must assume. At GreenBay, we help to make the implementation smoother with reliable systems, products and service, while keeping costs down.