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Mexico City, a blend of ancient heritage and modern vibrancy, is now home to the Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA), a key transportation hub in Mexico. AIFA, designed with efficiency and safety in mind, caters to the air travel needs of the region, offering a seamless experience to passengers.

Central to AIFA’s operations is its data center, crucial for meeting increasing passenger demands and aviation safety standards. Huawei’s FusionModule2000, a smart modular data center solution, has been instrumental in establishing a robust and reliable data center at AIFA.

Huawei’s FusionModule2000: Redefining Data Center Efficiency

The FusionModule2000 stands out for its simplicity and adaptability, ideal for small to medium-sized data centers. It offers a significant advantage over traditional solutions, requiring less stringent deployment conditions and enabling flexible capacity expansion.

This innovative solution was implemented at AIFA within just three months, 30% faster than conventional methods. It also boasts a 60% smaller battery system footprint, leading to a 30% reduction in operating expenses and a 25% decrease in Power Utilization Effectiveness (PUE).

Green and Efficient: The Low-Carbon Data Center

Huawei’s FusionModule2000 features a modular design integrating cooling, cabinets, and monitoring systems. This design simplifies installation, speeds up deployment, and minimizes space usage. The AIFA data center employs an in-row cooling system with cold aisle containment (CAC) and precision air conditioners, significantly enhancing cooling efficiency and reducing hot spots. This approach cuts down PUE by 25%, promoting green and low-carbon operations.

High Security and Reliability: Ensuring Continuous Operation

The power system, akin to the heart of the data center, is bolstered by Huawei’s ultra-high-density modular UPSs. These systems feature redundancy designs for key components, ensuring uninterrupted operations. Huawei’s UPSs, enhanced with AI technology, shift from passive to proactive maintenance, monitoring component life and preemptively signaling for replacements, thereby boosting system reliability. The SmartLi battery solution further enhances safety with its multi-level battery management system and individual fire extinguishers for each battery pack.

Intelligent O&M: Streamlining Data Center Management

Huawei’s NetEco intelligent management system offers real-time monitoring of critical data center parameters, 3D visualization of equipment room status, and comprehensive fault impact analysis. This system simplifies manual operations and maintenance, ensuring efficient management.

The collaboration between AIFA and Huawei Digital Power exemplifies digital transformation in the aviation sector. As airports become digital hubs, Huawei’s solutions not only facilitate this transition but also ensure smart, stable operations.

Looking ahead, Huawei Digital Power and AIFA aim to further explore smart airport possibilities, setting new standards in digital aviation and inspiring global airports to embrace digital transformation.