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The rapid growth of e-commerce, further accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, necessitated a digital evolution in the logistics sector. MNG Kargo, a prominent Turkish cargo company, astutely recognized this shift. To stay ahead of the curve, they collaborated with Huawei, integrating their cutting-edge FusionModule to establish a next-generation data center.

MNG Kargo’s vast network, which impressively handles 700,000 daily deliveries across 220 global regions, demanded a robust and efficient system. Their in-house automated package sorting mechanism, which seamlessly sorts 65,000 packages every hour, set a high standard. However, the challenges were manifold. The wide geographical distribution of their data centers led to increased Operations and Maintenance (O&M) costs and prolonged fault response durations.

Huawei’s solutions emerged as the perfect answer to these challenges.
The Smart Modular Data Center Solution, a hallmark of Huawei’s innovation, was designed to simplify O&M processes. It significantly reduced travel expenses for maintenance teams and ensured quicker fault detection and resolution.

But the real star was the FusionModule800. This advanced solution not only optimized floor space usage by approximately 50% but also incorporated advanced monitoring systems. These systems proactively detected potential issues, ensuring uninterrupted logistics operations and setting a new gold standard in efficiency.

In essence, MNG Kargo’s strategic partnership with Huawei has redefined logistics excellence, showcasing the transformative power of digital solutions in a rapidly evolving industry.