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Modular data centers have been around for years. Companies that have adopted modular data centers include Microsoft, Airbus, AOL, British Petroleum and Lexis Nexis.

The beauty of the modular data center approach is that it overcomes the two biggest problems with traditional data centers i.e. speed of deployment and capital. Here we explore these and other factors which gives modular data center an edge over the traditional appraoch.


Modular solutions have incredibly quick timeframes from order to deployment. Having a module manufactured means that the site construction can progress simultaneously.

Consistent quality

Modular data centers are consistent in terms of quality as they are produced in a factory.


Although many large data centers may have space to scale, there is a large cost and time delay do so. A modular data unit on the other hand can be delivered intact and ready for use.

Space and resource allocation

Traditional data center construction requires that you pay for the costs of heating, cooling, humidity control and power requirements for a section of the data center often much larger than you need. Modular data centers give you the ability to allocate resources for only the space you are currently using.

Easier to keep up with technology

Traditional data centers require planning years ahead of current needs in order to save on capital costs. A modular system focuses on a much smaller time frame which means that your technology will be more up to date.

Energy saving

The closed system of a modular data center can easily utilize water-side free cooling techniques, heat sink technologies and power efficiency technologies to provide the smallest possible environmental footprint.

Cost efficiencies

Modular power solutions give businesses the flexibility to upscale power capacity at a more gradual rate. This helps to minimize financial risk.

As energy costs and consumption continues to rise, businesses do indeed have a better option in dealing with an increase in secure data management while controlling environmental, capital and labour costs.

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