Data Centers are the factories of the internet age, providing the infrastructure for the delivery if digital business services. The performance of the data center has become intrinsically linked to an organization’s overall success. To remain profitable and competitive, organizations need to ensure that every resource is consumed economically and every asset utilized optimally. With fragmented operations, tools and information, many organizations are failing to collate and analyze the metrics needed to bridge the data center performance divide

Our Approach

By embracing Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM), organization can bring consistency, profitability and control to operational metrics while also improving service assurance. DCIM provides the integrated framework and automated formulas needed to convert metrics into meaningful analytics. From centralizing capacity data collection, managing physical and assets, and integrating wit critical IT management applications, DCIM unifies the processes, tools and raw data needed to provide an accurate view of data center performance across both IT and facilities.

DCIM analytics is a key stepping stone to greater DCIM maturity – and a more efficient, effective and reliable data center. It enables organizations to minimize the energy consumption and total cost of ownership while maximizing agility and availability. It also offers the critical link between data center performance and business impact, so organizations can transform the data center from a cost center to a source of added value.