Maximizing data center energy efficiency

Cooling could represent more than half of your overall energy consumption
This is especially true for data center in Malaysia that is located at equatorial region and has a tropical rainforest climate. With constant cooling required all year round, managing your cooling efficiency can lead to significant savings.

What is data center containment?

Datacenter containment fully separates the cold supply airflow from the hot equipment exhaust air. The separation creates a uniform and predictable cold air supply to IT equipment as well as a warmer, drier return air to the AC coil.

Adopting an aisle containment solution increases air efficiency, translating to increased up-times, longer hardware life and valuable energy savings.

Key Benefits

• Reduced energy consumption
• Increased cooling capacity
• Increased rack density
• Consistent cold air supply to IT
• Increased equipment up-time
• Extend hardware life

Increase your data center efficiency.

Lower PUE, lower operating cost.

Containment Strategy

Cold Aisle
Physical barrier to allow the cold air to pool inside the aisle.

Hot Aisle
Physical barrier that guides hot air back to the AC return.

Rack Based
Height adjustable chimney on the rack.

Which one is the best?

It really depends on you.



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