Fastest way to deploy new data center cost effectively

The world is moving on an aggressive rate and when demand often overwhelms you at least expected times.

How can you benefit?


Prefabricated data centers are integrated and tested in factory before delivery. Simplifying on site installation to single day, with simplified and flexible relocation options available.


Optimal integration for better energy efficiency and modularity for future scalability. Effectively managing your time and capital investment.


Uptime Tier III ready option available with advance hazard protection. GR-63-CORE Zone3 anti-seismic protection; fire-resistance and anti-theft high security.

How we help you

    Working closely with data center equipment manufacturers, we are a platform to tailor a specialized solution for you. Drawing upon our expertise in designing enterprise data center we can provide localized solution that is suitable for our hot and humid environment.

    After the design and selection of your solution, you can count on us to deliver, install and ready to serve your IT needs. With most of the heavy lifting done let us help you with the final touch.

    You can count on our nationwide 24 x 7 service support to serve you when you needed the most. Professional care and preventive maintenance will keep your data center in optimal condition. With integrated monitoring, our team can preemptively attend to site before failure.