Protecting lives while ensuring power continuity

Medical grade isolated power supply provides ungrounded electrical service for appliances in healthcare facilities. The system allows critical equipment with single line-to-ground fault to remain operational while protecting people from the danger of electric shock. Patients are more susceptible to leakage current due to lowered body resistance while surrounded by conductors like blood, saline and water. More so for patients who are immobilized while undergoing operation within the chest cavity.

Faults will trigger system alarm in the isolated power supply panel, while the equipment is still working, it is critical to rectify the situation within the allowable time. A second ground fault could trigger the short circuit protection and power down the whole system.

Common area of applications

Intensive care units (ICUs)
Coronary care units (CCUs)

Emergency departments (ER)

Special procedure rooms

Cardiovascular laboratories

Dialysis units

Various wet locations