Smart busway for reliable, adaptable & efficient power distribution

Reliable, adaptable & efficient power distribution is necessary to meet the aggressive demand of your critical facilities. Mismanaged cables can have serious consequences, especially in manufacturing line and data center.


Tested & reliable power distribution solution with ranging from 40A to 5000A


Flexibly add or relocate plug-in tap-off unit as your facility evolve.


Network ready to integrate with building or data center infrastructure management system.

Overhead electrical power distribution system

Rats bite cables. It’s a fact.

A live busway? Not so much. The benefits of having a busway:

Save Time 
Time is money, plug-in tap-off unit with no downtime.

Save Space 
Zero footprint for better floor space utilization.

Save Life 
For a safer workplace with lower fire risk.

Clear up space under raised floor.

Improved airflow helps increase energy efficiency.