Sustainable, Upgradable and Maintainable System

Data Center Intelligent Power Distribution & Management
Network power management technology solution helps overcome the challenges
faced by data centers in the area of power protection and management. Look into consumption history and plan your future growth, manage your IT rack space diligently.

Greenbay provides Rack PDUs which comes with monitoring feature thereby improving efficiency, uptime, and growth. Greenbay’s solutions are designed based on the innovative SUM concept, whereby products are Sustainable, Upgradable and Maintainable.


Built upon common platform with durable material to maximize longevity.


Modular upgrade to grow with your requirement as technology progress.


Hot-swap technology for service and repair without interruption.

Managed PDU

Managed PDU comes in 3 main categories and can be flexibly configured among 4 different function levels depending on your requirements.

3 Categories
4 Function Levels
A : Monitored
B : Per port monitored
C : Switched
D : Per port monitored & switched

MPDU can be reconfigured or thermal upgraded without affecting the normal operation of data center power. Users can remotely manage MPDU, accurately measure the power consumption of the entire PDU or each output, self-define the alarm threshold, set up the power on and off delay, and monitor the micro-environment of the cabinet via external sensors.

RPDU can sense power consumption, overload and environmental changes in IT equipment. Helping you to analyze, adjust and optimize the power supply of server room. RPDU also offers the ability for administrators to remotely shut down idle equipment, reboot hung servers, switch off overload outlets to achieve an easy and efficient remote management.

ZPDU has free group management of the outlets; proactive overload protection; administrative privileges tiering, two-level alerts, data graphing, batch backup and upgrade, extensible sensor ports, and all on more secure network protocols. With all these features, ZPDU can satisfy the demands of high-end data center power management.

Monitored PDU

Designed for small and medium-sized data centers, it offers reliable power distribution and metering at the inlet level and supports environment sensors to monitor temperature and humidity in rack.

IP-PDU is an entry level intelligent PDU that offers reliable power distribution and metering at inlet level and supports environment monitoring at the same time. Hot-swap monitoring module ensures continuous power supply during network module maintenance process.

SI-PDU can be integrated into customer’ s system through Modbus protocol. It can do the metering at inlet level and support environmental monitoring as well.

Basic PDU with future upgrade capability.

Without power down!

Basic Metered PDU
Offers a wide range of power input and output options from AC to DC, single-phase to three-phase, 10A to 63A. Modular structure, customized production. Based on the innovative SUM design concept and hot-swap technology, basic metered PDU can be upgraded to remote monitored PDU (IPPDU) without interrupting the power supply.

Basic PDU
Available with a wide range of power input and output options from AC to DC, 1-phase to 3-phase, 10A to 63A. All PDUs are modularized structured and customized production to address your unique requirements. The basic PDUs are provided in various horizontal and vertical configurations to meet your accessibility needs as well.