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The financial industry is undergoing significant disruptions driven by emerging technologies like 5G, cloud computing, and big data. To align with China’s “dual-carbon” goal and reduce environmental impact, the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) built the Jin Qiao Data Center, Asia’s most energy-efficient data center in the financial sector.

Efficient cooling is crucial for a green data center. The Jin Qiao data center, serving as the SSE’s main operations center, houses 186,000 racks and consumes over 120 million kWh of electricity annually. To improve energy efficiency, the SSE selected Huawei’s iCooling@AI solution, which uses AI algorithms to optimize cooling operations based on real-time data, climate conditions, and IT loads. This smart cooling technology reduces the power usage effectiveness (PUE) by 13% annually, contributing to significant energy savings.

iCooling@AI enables visualization of cooling links, equipment connections, and transforms manual adjustments into intelligent collaboration. By integrating iCooling@AI into the Jin Qiao Data Center, Huawei and SSE have successfully decreased the annual average PUE by 13%. This achievement was recognized with the National Cloud Computing Center Science and Technology Award.

The Jin Qiao Data Center is Huawei’s first endeavor to integrate iCooling@AI into a hyper-scale data center in the financial sector. Moving forward, Huawei aims to collaborate with the Shanghai Stock Exchange to build a green and low-carbon data center model for the financial industry, contributing to sustainable and green finance.