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In the age of digital transformation, the transportation industry is undergoing significant changes. With the rise of the digital economy, the China Transport Telecommunications & Information Center (CTTIC) has embarked on an ambitious project: the establishment of the Transport Information Industry Center in Shanghai’s Baoshan District. This initiative aims to create the “CTTIC Cloud” and implement a “big data” strategy under the “new infrastructure” policy. The goal? To build a top-tier O&M data center industry base in the Yangtze River Delta, focusing on digital government services.

Central to this endeavor is the power supply system, the lifeblood of any data center. Recognizing the critical role of reliable power, CTTIC turned to Huawei and its FusionPower6000 solution. But what makes the FusionPower6000 stand out?

Integrated Power Supply
The FusionPower6000 offers a seamless integration of full-power links, ensuring MW-level power supply and distribution tailored for large-scale data centers.

Efficiency and Safety
Traditional power supply systems often involve components from various vendors, assembled onsite. This can reduce efficiency and introduce potential safety risks. Huawei’s solution integrates multiple components, maximizing space and ensuring rapid deployment. The result? A data center where an additional 750 m² is available, allowing for the deployment of 350 more racks.

Intelligent Features
Both the FusionPower6000 and SmartLi utilize AI algorithms. They adopt a modular and hot-swap design, enabling swift module replacements after risk predictions. This reduces maintenance time to a mere 5 minutes. The iPower intelligent feature offers visualized management across all links, ensuring the reliability of the power supply system and simplifying O&M.

In conclusion, as the transportation sector evolves, so too must the infrastructure supporting it. Huawei’s FusionPower6000 is a testament to the future of power management in data centers, ensuring that as the digital realm expands, the power solutions keeping it alive are more than up to the task.