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  • Familiar with Industrial Protocol such as Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, Bacnet and SNMP.
  • Design & create input / output list of equipment.
  • Develop EMS system architecture, wiring diagram and panel layout for working and as built.
  • To design and create 3D Graphic User Interface to be used for the EMS workstation
  • To design and develop programming using ladder logic control for EMS.
  • To program the static and dynamic values of data for visual information display.
  • To design and fabricate EMS Panel including testing before deliver to site.
  • Project management & supervision of EMS project and coordinate with contractor to ensure all installation works done conform to drawing and solution requirement.
  • Conduct EMS testing and commissioning, this includes: conducting cable continuity test with cabling contractor to ensure correct cable specification and integrity, and verifying that all data feed is terminated correctly and accounted for.
  • Conduct assessment and ensure that the system operate its intended function based on the design parameters including communication setup and architecture, signal verification from field devices and equipment, controller operation parameters and filling the test report for submission.
  • To type, create and compile the Operation and Maintenance Manual for submission which is will be used as a reference by the end-user to operate the system.
  • Carry out preventive maintenance activities carried to identify problems on an ongoing basis before they result in equipment / device failure.
  • Troubleshoot find any fault of any irregularities on the system field devices, controllers and system functionality and advise any action or replacement parts required to resolve the issues.
  • Maintains documentation for all malfunction, repairs, maintenance or changes to systems or equipment.
    Records maintenance data and generates reports as needed.
    Monitors and verifies operation of all EMS field devices and equipment.


  • Bachelor’s in Mechatronics Engineering (Hons)


  • Required skills: CAD Software, 3D modelling software, PLC Programming Software, and Microsoft Word & Excel (Computer literate)
  • Proficient in writing in English
  • Multi-tasks effectively with good attitude
  • Trustworthy and able to maintain confidentiality with high level of commitment and initiative
  • Able to work independently

SUBMISSION (for positions based in Penang)